Food Tasting Tips

So you have a food tasting schedule with your caterer? Ever wonder what to ask and what to discuss?

Here are some food tasting tips:

1. 2 PAX: It’s usually for 2 pax (bride and groom) but sometimes, caterers prepare more up to 4 pax. So don’t assume, confirm this with your caterer.

2. LUNCH: Food tasting is usually done during lunch time. Don’t come in super hungry but don’t also come in super full. Leave some space to taste everything. But don’t expect it to be super heavy as well.

3. MENU: So the first thing you need to discuss is the food. The basic package (this may vary per package) is soup, rice, 1 pork, 1 chicken, 1 beef, 1 fish, 1 vegetable, 1 pasta, dessert, 1 round of drinks. Usually they will give you 2 choices per viand, but you only need to choose 1. Remember to be considerate of your guests because they are the main reason you are choosing the menu.

4. COMMENT. Aside from choosing which viand, they will also ask for your comments such as but not limited to the following: it’s too salty, make the meat tender, adjust the sweetness, etc. Don’t forget to think about the elders in your guestlist, if you know what I mean.


5. HEADCOUNT: They will ask for your final headcount. If you’re not yet final, you need to finalize this atleast 4 to 6 weeks prior wedding day. They don’t usually allow to go below the guaranteed pax once you’re confirmed, but they do allow increase. That’s why count your guests thoroughly!

6. CENTERPIECE & BACKDROP: Their basic package usually includes the couple’s backdrop & table centerpieces. So depending on your package, they will show you different styles for you to choose from. Remember that if it’s beyond the package inclusions, it’s an upgrade.

7. COLOR MOTIF & THEME: They will ask you to choose what colors for the table cloth, linen, runner, flowers, napkin, etc. Don’t choose a color similar with your entourage’s gown.

8. AMENITIES: Discuss what are the amenities they will provide, service details, terms & conditions. Example of their amenities are fondant cake, bottle of champagne, bridal car. Again, this may vary with your package.

9. OTHER DETAILS: payment terms, table layout, set up, ingress time, dinner time, etc.

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Hugot ng Bride: “Sana tayo padin hanggang sa huli”

Wedding Serye Ph presents Hugot ng Bride:
“Sana tayo padin hanggang sa huli”

Dear family, friends, relatives, and to all our guests,

Alam mo ba na ang wedding in the Philippines is once in a lifetime event and considered one of life’s milestone? Dahil ang pag-iisang dibdib ay sagradong kautusan bilang tayo ay Kristyano.

Kaya kami, the bride and the groom (and sometimes with our family), prepared for this day for 2-3 months (minimum) up to 12-24 months or even more. 

We work Monday to Friday to finance our wedding day and work out our wedding preparation during the weekends, holiday or whenever we are free. Kasama na doon ang pag sacrifice ng mga nightout, Netflix time, basketball with friends, DOTA, overtime pa more sa trabaho, at kung anu-ano pa para lang mapaghandaan ang espesyal na araw namin.

Nakakapagod at nakakastress pero excited kami! Excited kami sa magiging bagong buhay namin bilang mag-asawa. Our wedding will not be just an event, it will be a grand reunion of our relatives and friends kaya excited kami kasi magsasamasama ang LAHAT ng espesyal na tao sa buhay namin!

Gustuhin man namin imbitahin ang lahat, piling pili lang ang kaya namin invite.

Kaya ang munting hiling namin sa darating na wedding namin ay samahan nyo kami hanggang sa huli….. hanggang matapos ang aming munting celebration.


5 Signs of a Certified Bridezilla

Tips for startup wedding suppliers by Gen Lee:

Just recently, some coordinators shared with me their #hugots. So I thought of sharing this to everyone.

Here are 5 signs (PROVEN & TESTED) of a CERTIFIED bridezilla:

1. CONTROL FREAK! Lahat ng bagay pinapakialaman ultimo anong shade ng eyeliner gagamitin sa wedding nya!

2. THEY DON’T CARE! They don’t care about their guests; they don’t care about their family nor do they even care about their marriage! All they care about is the WEDDING DAY which becomes a SHOWTIME. So why will they even care for you as their supplier??!!

3. FEELING EXPERT! Feeling know it all sila even if first time naman nila ikakasal. As if expert na expert sila. Which leads to them becoming a…

4. DICTATOR! Dictador sa lahat! Sa lahat ng details, sa lahat ng suppliers, sa family at pati sa partner nya! Edi lalo na sa supplier!

5. SHOW OFF! Mga show off sila, trying hard to impress their guests even if they cannot afford it anymore. Sad but true…

So if you see these signs, #alamna! Now it’s up to you to face the consequences…. or run away from the challenges…. it’s your call!

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