Wedding Planner Masterclass

Wedding Planner Masterclass PH
Online Edition by Gen Lee Events Academy

Dear Aspiring Wedding Planners,

Dream about this career? Then it’s time to turn your dream into a reality!

Tired of the same old low price? Then it’s time to level up your career!

Don’t be just an ordinary wedding planner, be a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner!

The Wedding Planner Masterclass PH Online Edition by Gen Lee Events Academy is open to a limited number of determined students only from across the Philippines.

Get 3 Days of Unlimited Learnings:

Day 1 is all about How to be a Professional Wedding Coordinator:
✔ Professional Image Enhancement
✔ Basic Business Etiquettes
✔ Basic Wedding Etiquettes
✔ How to Deal with Different Types of Clients

Day 2 is all about the life of a Professional Wedding Planner:
✔ The Team, Roles and Tasks
✔ Wedding Day Timeline
✔ Wedding Suppliers and Packages
✔ Professional Contracts
✔ Multitasking 101
✔Common Problems and the Solutions

Day 3 is all about your Wedding Planning Business:
✔ Basic Branding for your business
✔ How to Level Up the Business
✔ How to Get More Clients
✔ Basic Sales & Marketing Secrets Revealed
✔ Case Study Analysis
✔ Graduation Ceremony


✔ SECRETS revealed
✔ UNLIMITED question & answer portion
✔ LIFETIME support system from Ms. Gen Lee
✔ Lifetime 10% DISCOUNT on all our services

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Wedding Planner Masterclass Online

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