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Ikakasal na ako! WHAT TO DO???

Having been in the wedding industry for 14 years (since 2006), I have seen, heard, witnessed and handled all types of weddings (at iba’t ibang EKSENA) in the Philippines (specifically Manila). 

With over a thousand couples, I have been their wedding planner, their partner and friend, their consultant, and sometimes their “love counselor”. I have made thousands of dream weddings come true, gained a lot of bride-turned-friends and a few “haters” as well (let’s admit it, you CANNOT please everyone). 

In my 14 years of service, I have come to realize that there are problems in the wedding planning stage. 


What’s the problem?

99% of the marrying population are FIRST TIMERS (malamang)

So What??

Since 99% of the wedding population are 1st time bride and groom, they have no background in wedding planning. They base their wedding planning from hearsay, friends, relatives, magazines, forums, social media,  and Grandpa Google. In addition, there are no schools or whatsoever to guide the soon-to-wed population. 

As a result:

Bad wedding due to POOR planning, financial CRISIS due to poor budget planning, and worst of all, disaster wedding due to getting VICTIMIZED by scammers

With this, along with my undying passion for weddings, and the desire to help and reach out to all the Filipino Brides, I created this book, the very first wedding planning book in the Philippines, designed just for YOU! 

Allow me to guide you in creating your well-deserved dream wedding fit just for you! Now, your wedding is in good hands and together, let’s make your dream wedding a reality!

For free consultation (ask me anything about wedding planning, it’s TOTALLY FREE), updated wedding do’s and don’ts, updated schedule of  FREE seminars and bridal expo, tips, vlogs, whatsoever, message, follow us, subscribe.

Cheers to your weddingserye!

Events Management Business

This book is not just about how to organize an event in the Philippines but is also about how to start the business, how to do the business the right way for long term goal, and how to get clients for your events management business. I started Gen Lee Events Production in 2006 when I was 21 years old. With no experience and background in events management, I played the game just like entering a game arena without reading the rule book. My first few years were my trial and error stage because I did not know the system, the process, the framework then. And yes, I was terrible at planning, organizing and coordinating events during my first few years. 


Events management is more than just managing and organizing events. It requires a holistic approach in terms of people management, self-discovery, sales and marketing, public speaking, presentation skills, negotiation skills and a resilience. That I had to learn the hard way all throughout the years, with my thousands of events and thousands of different personalities I had to deal with. It was a very amazing journey. And now, is the time to give back as I find myself coaching and guiding aspiring event planners turn their passion into business, and teaching and helping start up events management businesses to get clients and eventually start earning profits. 

My students who have attended all other seminars and classes about events management in the Philippines, always compare my teaching techniques with the other mentors they have encountered, and I usually get this feedback from my students, that I am the only one teaching them how to earn, how to get clients, and how to grow their events business. Then, I realized that I have finally found my purpose in life, and beyond events (my first love), is the burning passion of teaching and helping my students, #GenLeeBabies, become successful in the events industry. And nope, I don’t treat them as my competitors, but rather, more of a #GenLeeFamily. 

Thank you for supporting my 2nd book “Events Management Business: a guide on how to organize an event in the Philippines”. For those who haven’t encountered my 1st book, the “Ikakasal na ako! What to do?” step by step wedding planning guide in the Philippines, it’s never too late to grab a copy now. 😊 

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