5 Signs of a Certified Bridezilla

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Tips for startup wedding suppliers by Gen Lee:

Just recently, some coordinators shared with me their #hugots. So I thought of sharing this to everyone.
Here are 5 signs (PROVEN & TESTED) of a CERTIFIED bridezilla:

  1. CONTROL FREAK! Lahat ng bagay pinapakialaman ultimo anong shade ng eyeliner gagamitin sa wedding nya!
  2. THEY DON’T CARE! They don’t care about their guests; they don’t care about their family nor do they even care about their marriage! All they care about is the WEDDING DAY which becomes a SHOWTIME. So why will they even care for you as their supplier??!!
  3. FEELING EXPERT! Feeling know it all sila even if first time naman nila ikakasal. As if expert na expert sila. Which leads to them becoming a…
  4. DICTATOR! Dictador sa lahat! Sa lahat ng details, sa lahat ng suppliers, sa family at pati sa partner nya! Edi lalo na sa supplier!
  5. SHOW OFF! Mga show off sila, trying hard to impress their guests even if they cannot afford it anymore. Sad but true…
    So if you see these signs, #alamna! Now it’s up to you to face the consequences…. or run away from the challenges…. it’s your call!

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